New project with the University of Modena
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New project with the University of Modena


The Central European Initiative (CEI) through the Knowledge Exchange Program (KEP) Italy, approved a project "Introducing modern learning methods in Macedonia using Italian experiences ".

The project is implemented from the 15 January through October 15, 2020 with a duration of 9 months. The project coordinator is UNIMORE, Italy. Due to the modernization of the education systems in the Republic of Northern Macedonia in line with the demands of the rapidly changing labor market, the main objective of the project is the exchange of knowledge and technical assistance related to e-learning methods.

It should open the possibilities for implementing modern e-learning systems and integrating them as a core of e-learning modules in N.M.

The project, through its components, will conduct research and evaluation of the current implementation of the IBF e-learning, initiate significant improvements and encourage further development of the capacities and quality of the educational process.