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.We endeavour to create the best possible conditions for our candidates to achieve successful careers, so that they will be able to hold high-responsibility jobs in society, both nationally and internationally. 

Our study programs offer candidates a rich foundation of knowledge qualifying them for the most demanding work on the labor market. With the undergraduate programs we assist candidates in developing their full potential through full and part-time studies and short courses.


Undergraduate programs are based on the integrated, multidimensional approach for curricula development and implementation of interactive teaching methods. Learning by doing, internships, students’ international exchange program etc.  provide unique and valuable profile of future managers in: marketing, finance, banking, corporate finance, sustainable development and regional and local economic development.


IBF offers short courses, primarily in Business English, Business Written Communication and Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business, designed to address specific skills or knowledge in order to match candidate’s specific needs.  Courses are taught by IBF instructors and are open to all members of the community.